"So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."  John 8:36

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Problems of Recidivism / Relapse 

There are many causes that contribute to a person "falling back" into an old lifestyle, even though they have pledged to themselves to stay clean and live a different lifestyle. What are these issues and/or items that would cause a person to deviate from their stated goal? There are many occurrences, and situations that precede this ugly condition of "Back-to-square-one." Therefore we respectfully present several conditions, and in no particular order that we have noticed and do here remark upon:

 (1). Being alone, and lonely. No, or very little, moral and/or spiritual support. 
 (2). Discouragement - whether real or imagined, is a devastating emotional pit. 
 (3). Lack of Communication: To stop dialoguing is to "close up shop!" No visitors welcome. 
 (4). Rebellious Judgmental Attitude- "Criticizing the World," instead of ourselves. 
 (5). Denying Deep-Seated Problems. Superficial cleansing only works for a short time. 
 (6). Stop Being Humble: Become arrogant, proud, and boastful, little by little. 
 (7). Cease Being Intimate: Put back on the "Garments of Superficiality." 
 (8). Replaying old Hurtful Tapes due to a fresh encounter of an unpleasant situation. 
 (9). Stop Being Honest - Rationalize because it's easier, and quicker. 
(10). Think you're "Smart" (Cunning): Thereby rejecting the "Counsel of the Lord." 
(11). Cut back on "Working Your Program" After all, you're completely healed, aren't you? 
(12). View a little slip as a major setback, and give up completely. 
(13). Refuse to make yourself accountable to another person(s). Don't admit those thoughts or faults. 
(14). Have the Failing Attitude that "You're not worth much!" Low self-esteem. 
(15). Reduce your time spent with God (Cut prayer time and Bible reading). 
(16). Think you're owed something by: government, society, employers, relatives, friends, etc. 
(17). There are many more, too numerous to mention here. 

When there is a weakening of resolve, there is also a deterioration of character. This is understandable in the "Kingdom of the World," when the human nature is in charge. But in the 'Kingdom of God," for every setback or lapse, there is "Grace." Do not give up! Do not stay down! But arise, and learn from your mistakes (or better yet, from the mistakes of others), and share your testimony of God's love with others.

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